Blurred in Flight

Blurred in Flight

On my last trip to Lisbon I took with me a new Fuji X-Pro 1 that came with 2 lenses, the 18mm and 27mm pancake lens. With it I took hundreds of pictures including this one of pigeons taking off. For me this is a perfect camera because I get all the possibilities to take images manually, but I can fall back on setting the ISO to auto and then experiment with aperture or shutter speed knowing that the image will come out as the ISO adapts to balance out my settings. The wide angle lens, 18mm is the one I've used the most although I used the 35mm lens on this particular shot.

Both camera and lens have helped me to take more street style photographs, a style I'm now most comfortable with taking. In the old days I used to lug a tripod around with me wherever I went and often that was up into the mountains. Nowadays I'd rather go out into the street and capture scenes like this. There is more happening in the street, and everything is always in a constant state of change.

Here though I chose to photograph these pigeons. I was travelling to stay with family over Christmas in Lisbon and in the nearby 'Parque Eduardo VII’ in central Lisbon, I found this flock of pigeons scratching round for food on the ground. When I ran at them, they took off and I grabbed a few frames. I'd set the camera at 1/150 of a second to allow some movement but not too much. I'd left the ISO on 200 and the aperture was f3.6 at time of firing.

I'd intended to make this a black and white photograph from the off, in the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I'm happy with the movement and randomness of everything that is going on and not really concerned that some are focused and others are blurred.


I love the way you described your experience of taking that shot! It is very rare to find a blog that shares so much. I feel so lucky every time I manage to capture flying birds on one of my frames. And just like you, I do not particularly worry about the blurry parts, they show the movement so beautifully! 🙂

HI Kasia, Many thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the image! It was the first time i’d shot birds close up, but i’d definitely do this again. I like the spontaneous part of it, not really knowing what you’ll get till you check back later at the results. One thing I do like is to photograph in black and white, especially in the city.


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