Tifosi at AC Milan

The flags and flares found in just about every home game at AC Milan football club are all closely coordinated by a series of supporters called the ‘Fossa dei Leoni’. These passionate supporters who are responsible for unveiling flags, flares and firework explosions at key points during the game. You can just make them out, standing on the rails at the bottom of the second level.

For a couple of years I had a season ticket and went to most home games. We had seats in the first year in the third level, which had a great view of the Tifosi and their flares and flags that used to get unveiled every game. Then in the second year we got seats behind the goal at the far end. Incidentally it is the away fans that sit underneath on the ground level. You can make out in the series of pictures the people moving out of the way of the flares dripping down on to the space below.

I took this series of pictures one game as the flares were set off. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the huge sign by the entrance that said flares, fireworks and flags were not allowed in…but every week this took place, like clockwork.